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Corporate Event Photographer Toronto- Server Mania Networking Event

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Fun Corporate Event Photography in Toronto
A couple weeks ago we got an inquiry from Justin at Server Mania.  He said that they were looking for someone that could document a corporate event- not just take pictures.  They were hosting an event at Pravda Vodka Bar in Toronto with Branded Partners, and they needed the talents of someone that could fit in and document their guests enjoying the party in a fun way.  Seeing that we have over 20 years of experience documenting all kinds of events from weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, and birthday parties to fun events like the Much Music Video Awards (MMVA) and Red Carpet events like  The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)- we had it covered.
The great thing about covering corporate events mid week in social establishments like Pravda, is that everyone is usually attending after they leave work and are looking to unwind with great food and drink.  This makes the job of an event photographer who's job is to take fun photos that much more easier- not to mention the networking opportunities.
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